What We Do

Building A Better Bridge: The Cause for Judson seeks support to educate future leaders, expand educational access, and establish frameworks that drive the academic growth of students to seize the opportunities of the future.

There is no denying that all children in America have access to education. However, a disproportionate number of impoverished children living in California have been relegated to less than quality K-12 education. We can help.

Judson’s mission calls for our school to stand at the forefront as a partner to parents in educating children who will grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to become leaders in God’s Kingdom and today’s world. Fortunately, vision and capacity – transformation’s building blocks – are abundant here.

Located at the Venture Center, a beautiful 17-acre campus in northern Pasadena, Judson International School has been educating students since 1991. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational organization, located in Pasadena, CA.  Our mission is to partner with parents in educating children who will grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to become leaders in God’s Kingdom and today’s world. We have earned the highest credentials in teaching, accreditation, and service. Our attentiveness to excellent academics has helped our graduating students gain entry to the high schools and colleges of their choice.

We have achieved this as a private school that provides access to students of all incomes and backgrounds. As institutional funding declines, this achievement is at risk. To answer that challenge, we must not just sustain the status quo of support for the school – we must elevate it to new heights.

Our vision identifies societal needs and inspires us to action: we will bring each student to their personal best, recruit outstanding faculty, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. We will lead the way to help to assist generations in reaching new levels of personal prosperity and spiritual well-being.

As we climb from to impact to excellence, we will secure Judson’s position as an outstanding educational facility and build a better bridge of access for all children.

We will accomplish this through superb stewardship and the strategic use of resources.

To enlist the support of alumni and friends – to build capacity and achieve aspirations – Judson has launched a comprehensive fundraising campaign. Building a Better Bridge of Hope: The Campaign for Judson seeks to raise funds over 6 years to advance Judson, and benefit every corner of Pasadena, CA.

Why now? Because our work cannot wait. Because we have the strength to do it. And because the future of the children of our community and around the world may very well ride on the outcome.

Help us transform.
Help us rise.
Help us bridge the gap.